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"My love of Wolf Point, even from one, short visit will hopefully shine through to readers. Not only is it probably the best first course by a modern architect that I have seen, but it is also a living case study for the future of golf design and construction."
Adam Lawrence, Editor Golf Architecture Magazine

"Wolf Point is a revelation.": Texas Golfer Magazine's article about our work
Recent published essay: There is no greatest golf course: there are only greatest golf courses

We created the best golf center in Houston, the Swanson Golf Center. Please view the slideshow.

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The world's finest courses have been designed by those who were determined and love the game, and their hallmark is the timelessness of their creations.

Nuzzo Course Design strives for the same result by integrating originality, artistry, technical aptitude and business insight into every project. Engineering and maintenance expertise with the use of GPS technology are the backbone of the design and construction stages.
Whether it is a new course, existing course or smaller facility, we are always interested to hear about unique opportunities. Like golfers, we aim to be on target, and we aspire to create the finest golf courses possible.

With great love and respect for the game,
course design is our métier.

Mike Nuzzo
Golf Course Architect
Nuzzo Course Design